Key Employment Indicators, in percent

Population 15 Years Old and Over - This refers to number of population 15 years old and over excluding overseas workers. Overseas workers are excluded in the estimation of the size of working population (population aged 15 years and over) since the data on their economic characteristics are not collected because they are not considered part of the labor force in the country.

Employed persons include all those who, during the reference period are 15 years old and over as of their last birthday, and are reported either:

a. At work, i.e., those who do any work even for one hour during the reference period for pay or profit, or work without pay on the farm or business enterprise operated by a member of the same household related by blood, marriage, or adoption; or

b. With a job but not at work, i.e., those who have a job or business but are not at work because of temporary illness or injury, vacation, or other reasons. Likewise, persons who expect to report for work or to start operation of a farm or business enterprise within two weeks from the date of the enumerator’s visit are considered employed.

Underemployed persons include all employed persons who express the desire to have additional hours of work in their present job, or an additional job, or to have a new job with longer working hours. Visibly underemployed persons are those who work for less than 40 hours during the reference period and want additional hours of work.

Unemployed persons include all those who, during the reference period, are 15 years old and over as of their last birthday, and reported as persons:   
a)  Without work, i.e., had no job or business during the reference period;

b) Currently available for work, i.e., were available and willing to take up work in paid employment or self-employment during the reference period, and/or would be available and willing to take up work in paid employment or self-employment within two weeks after the interview date; and

c) Seeking work, i.e., had taken specific steps to look for a job or establish a business during the reference period, or 

Not seeking work due to the following reasons: (1) fatigued or believed no work available, i.e., discouraged workers; (2) awaiting results of previous job application; (3) temporary illness or disability; (4) bad weather; and/or (5) waiting for rehire or job recall.

Persons Not in the Labor Force persons 15 years old and over who are neither employed nor unemployed according to the definitions mentioned. Those not in the labor force are persons who are not looking for work because of reasons such as housekeeping, schooling, and permanent disability. Examples are housewives, students, persons with disability, or retired persons.

Post Process
Labor Force Participation Rate (%)66.64865.89563.94864.05064.65160.09366.07565.34765.12066.012
  • Proportion of New Entrants (%)
  • 1.0901.2612.2391.4011.5003.4931.0600.8801.5701.100
  • Employment Rate(%)
  • 96.92696.43895.81195.46795.59895.15395.45395.70295.52095.262
  • Underemployment Rate (%)
  • 11.89611.65911.71210.72511.71215.91712.02811.72912.91011.201
  • Visible Underemployment Rate (%)
  • 7.2396.8336.8966.8497.5388.0337.2557.6389.5707.746
  • Invisible Underemployment Rate (%)
  • 4.6574.8264.8153.8764.1747.8844.7744.0913.3403.455
  • Unemployment Rate (%)
  • 3.0743.5624.1894.5334.4024.8474.5474.2984.4804.739
    Mean Hours of Work 40.63040.19541.22440.75340.78742.26439.95639.34936.93039.972
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